That’s right 7.5% of your annual premium back at the end of the year!!!   It is called the Healthy Actions rider from Blue Cross and it does add costs to your monthly premium.    After you read this and you want to learn how to add this, send me an e-mail.   Or what if you are an employee that has Blue Cross and would like to get $300 for being in good health, tell your employer to send me an e-mail.     Employees check out this on-line presentation to see how easy it is to earn $300!!!


Employers with 10-99 Employees Employers with 2-9 Employees Employer Groups of One
0.4% of premium 1.25% of premium 2.5% of premium



There are rewards for both the employee and employer

Employee Rewards

  • First, employees must complete an online health risk assessment.
  • Second, employees need to ask their doctor to fill out a Clinician Health Review form. This form documents key health measures, such as weight, blood pressure, smoking status, and records preventive screenings.
If the doctor determines that the employee: Then after submitting the form the employee:
Is healthy
  • Receives a $300 Visa debit card
Needs to improve their health (for example, lose weight, take medication to lower cholesterol)
  • Receives a $100 Visa debit card
  • Then the employee needs to work on the health goal set by his or her doctor within a set timeframe
  • And if the employee meets the goal and submits a second form before plan renewal, he or she will receive an additional $200 Visa debit card

Employer Rewards

Because you’re making an investment in your employees’ health, you also receive a financial reward, based on employee participation and success. And the more they participate and succeed, the greater your reward.

Percent of employees who earn the full $300 reward Your reward is…
20-49% 1.25% of current year’s premium
50-79% 2.50% of current year’s premium
80-100% 7.50% of current year’s premium