” The legislator is the mechanic who invents the machine…” Rousseau

” The purpose of law is to prevent injustice from reigning..” Frederic Bastiat

Last year we gathered in this chamber to educate this honorable Council on the severity of provisions placed in The National Defense and Authorization Act. Provisions 1021 and 1022 call for the UnConstitutional arrest and detention of American citizens suspected of involvement in or association with terrorist groups or activities.

But 1021 and 1022 go much further. They unfairly target Americans of color, racial or religious differences. They strip away the Miranda ruling, violate the 4th Amendment through wire tapping, internet trolling and places many grassroots Liberty minded political organizations onto a watch list.

Well over 50 years ago one solitary man brought awareness to a nation steeped in racial bigotry. The Congress acted, the President acted and freedom was extended to EVERY American. Today millions of Americans are DENIED their most basic freedoms under NDAA yet our Congress refuses to act our President refuses to act and this Council refuses to act.

Not unlike Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia secret dossiers are populated with private information for the expressed purpose of manufacturing a case. The Grand Jury process is bypassed and habeous corps is suspended.

Section 1021 specifically states:

(1) Detention under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force. . .

This provision when coupled with Department of Homeland Security funding of our local police not only gives legal authority to execute this law it gives this law the mechanics to execute it. Across the nation local police are now ‘outposts’ of the Federal Government. Sheriff departments are defunded and the actions of local law enforcement can be capsulated in the frightening days following the Boston Marathon bombing when the nation watched as military grade weaponry walked the streets of Watertown. Police are supplied with excess military hardware, spyware, cell phone capturing technology and routinely troll the internet. Since 9/11 the amount of ‘no knock’ SWAT raids went from 300 a year in 2001 to to over 180 a day in 2015 nationwide. The deaths of American citizens, many of them completely innocent, have now surpassed all the American deaths in the War on Terror.

Tragically on this the anniversary of Martin Luther King and Black History month those deaths are disproportionately black and latino.

Col. Reid Reasor, Republican Candidate and Air Force Combat Pilot who served under four Presidents and guest on my radio show;

Those who have illegally taken our rights have made a common historical error in judgment.  They believe they have a pressing need to take action combined with better intelligence, better moral judgment, better education and better situational awareness than the Founders or We the People.  They believe they are so right, that they are justified in illegally taking our human rights.  According to President Woodrow Wilson, “The government does now whatever experience permits or the times demand”

Last year, City Solicitor Moore  was asked about the status of the Supreme Court decision on the matter of 1021 and 1022. He gave this Council incorrect information by stating the Supreme Court was still deciding this matter. In fact the Court had already decided. By denying to hear the case in April of 2014 they had handed it back to the states and the people themselves. In addition the fact that surrounding towns agreed that the provisions were UnConstitutional played no bearing on this Council’s decision. Even Albany New York rejected provisions 1021 and 1022.

Councilwoman Konnie Lukes stood and spoke about the need for the Council to concentrate on local issues that affect the city of Worcester. How more local can we get when an outside authority has the power to come into our city and randomly surveil our neighbors? How more local can we get when DHS arms and directs our local law enforcement to engage in these activities? How more local can we get when the City Council looks the other way while the Civil Rights of our ethnically diverse city are violated? How more local  can we get when our own police force already has faced over 1 million dollars in lawsuits from past Civil Rights violations?

Councilwoman Lukes also spoke about how she would be glad to revisit this issue should the day come when a citizen of Worcester is being detained unlawfully. Well, by then it will be too late, especially for the unlawfully detained Worcester citizen.

Another Councilman spoke about how “.. he gets it..” He practises defense. However Councilman you wouldn’t even get the chance to see your prospective client and the subsequent trial would be under a military tribunal NOT a Civilian Court of Law.

Then there was a ‘point of order’ under Rule 33 that pertains to issues suited for this Council.

Rule 33. – Regarding propriety of items No petition, remonstrance, resolution or other communication which deals with personalities or with matters not within the general supervision and/or relating to city government shall be considered by the City Council. The City Clerk, with the assistance of the City Solicitor, shall determine when an item is not appropriate for placement on the City Council agenda.

Well, isn’t that nice that you all get to pick and choose what issues to address while disregarding the protection of the citizens of this city. We are not dealing with ‘personalities’ or a petition. We are not remonstrating either. We are seeking that this Council protect the individual Liberties of those who have elected them and whom they represent.

The oath you swore to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States IS the overiding rule. As officers of this government instituted by men you are admonished and held under penalty of law to protect the citizens that have elected you to this office.

French philosopher and writer Frederic Bastiat rote in his 1850 pamphlet ‘The Law’; “.. The nature of law is to maintain justice… Law and justice are one and the same thing. There is a strong disposition in all of us to believe that anything lawful is also legitimate… Many persons have erroneously held that things are just because law makes them so….”

“… but when law and morality contradict each other. The citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law…”

Which alternative has this Council chosen?

After the Mike Brown and Vic Garner decisions Worcester saw a brief protest take place on Main South. It was noisy and disruptive but it was peaceful. Given the language of 1021 and 1022, this Council’s decision to ignore the will and protection of the people and the growing military strength of our local police; more protests can be expected. They will grow in number and scope. They may, like Ferguson Missouri become violent and deadly. I am sure for Ferguson, their City Councillors saw that as a local issue.

Tell me Councillors will that, then, become more local for you? Will that pertain to Rule 33?

The Constitution of The United States specifically forbids all of the language of NDAA, specifically provisions 1021 and 1022. What is not enumerated in this Constitution is renumerated to the States and to the people themselves. This City Council represents those people themselves. By barring the tax paying citizens of Worcester to address this issue and demand a redress of grievances from this Council under a self imposed ‘Rule’ you all violate the very Oath you have sworn to uphold.

When I was here last year filming I was outraged at the decision of this Council. I kept quiet and walked out for fear of arrest, disturbing the peace and any other crime charged to me under 1021 and 1022. There was once a time in our nation when public anger, pounding of tables and shouts of tyranny were heard by our legislators and they acted accordingly to preserve our rights. Today we are told to keep orderly or we will be escorted out the hall in handcuffs. Neither you or the police officer standing here tonight can barely recognize your own complicity in our inevitable destruction as a Republic..

I thank you for this time… May God Bless the City of Worcester and These, The United States of America.