I walk out of my office tonight and believe me, nothing surprises me. Some of the stories that we could tell, but I digress.   Tonight, there is a guy with a field hockey/lacrosse stick hitting a ball off the wall. At first I thought Squash, maybe Cricket, but knew both were wrong so I had to ask:

  • what are you doing
  • hurling man
  • what the hell are you doing in Worcester, MA
  • practicing, of course, for one of the best Hurling teams around–Worcester GAA Club.
  • where you from (man with a ManU sweatshirt), England?
  • Clinton, Ma
  • Of course–where else

Seemed like a great guy and looked like a fun thing to do, looks like I will be going to a Hurling game soon to check out the Worcester GAA Club.

I want the Worcester Herald logo on these guys shirts!!