Our last column from the Worcester Business Journal outlines Joanna Geraghty’s comments during her visit to Worcester.   As we have said here and she noted, there is no way in hell JetBlue is making a profit on one daily flight to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.   They need to have more flights to cover their investment to start turning a profit in Worcester.

Although it was not said, we feel now that we will not get any additional services until we get the CAT III landing equipment.  “Busing people in fog” simply is not the image JetBlue wants.   Bottom line they are happy with what they have here, but we need to get this CAT III system in before any additional service is added.    At least that is our take.

At the same time let us point out what is not mentioned:

  • an access road
  • free parking
  • or any other upgrades.

It is amazing all the time we wasted on access roads and studies that recommended access roads and things like name changes.  Imagine Worcester-MetroWest-Boston Airport was not only recommended, but approved by City Council.   In retrospect, we would have been better off with the old terminal and CAT III landing.

The message is loud and clear to us, build it (CAT III) and they (more service) will come.