We have no idea why this being reported everywhere as news?    Considering the initial investment to move into a market, it is nearly impossible for an airline when they move into any market the first year.   Couple this with fact we are only flying one daily round trip to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, we could have 100% full planes and JetBlue is not going to make money in Worcester.   Right now the only way JetBlue can make money here is to add additional services.

The message this past week when a JetBlue executive talked at a local chamber meeting, in our opinion, is that no additional services are coming without CAT III landing equipment.  Taking a bus to Logans simply does not “bring humanity back into flying”.     Once CAT III is installed, additional services and ORH will become profitable to JetBlue andthe possibilities for ORH become endless.

At the same time, JetBlue is not going to fly two daily round trip losing money and wait five years for this new system to be installed.   We need this system installed ASAP.   Remember this one thing, none of this, JetBlue coming to Worcester or installation of CAT III, would have ever happened if the City of Worcester still owned the airport.    We are confident that Massport and our local delegation (especially Congressman McGovern) will make sure the CAT III is installed in a timely basis.

In our case it is not all about the bass, but the CAT III.