Former CIA Director Leon Panetta made the television and radio talk shows rounds recently. While peddling his latest book “Worthy Fights” Panetta used every opportunity to point out the failed foreign relations policies of the Obama Administration, not so indirectly pointing the finger at the President. Panetta

A seasoned politician and, graduate of the Brutus and Cassius School of Political Science, Panetta knows which way the political winds blow in D.C. Could it be he’s positioning himself for a place at Hillary Clinton’s Cabinet table is she “decides” to run in 2016?
Panetta has been many things during his long career. Congressman, President’s right-hand man, think tank founder, Professor. But none of his roles has ever taken him deep into the realm of intelligence work, which is why many inside and outside of Washington, DC, questioned his ability to take over the embattled Central Intelligence Agency. Nonetheless, he served as Director of the CIA from February 13, 2009, until June 30, 2011. President Barack Obama then appointed him Secretary of Defense, a position he took over on July 1, 2011.
After the release of his book Panetta appeared on as many talk shows that would have him, conservative, liberal, local news it didn’t matter, he had a book to sell. He seemed to relish in taking shots at President Obama and members of his administration. Democratic responder’s were astonished at Panetta’s lack of loyalty but, truth be told this wasn’t Panetta’s first backstabbing. and Hillary pulling out the rug on Obama

Within days of the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan and in direct violation of an oath taken by all present in the White House Situation Room the night of the raid, Panetta revealed the identity of the elite military unit that killed Bin Laden, SEAL Team Six.

At a luncheon in Washington D.C. the week after the raid Panetta identified the team to a gathering of Hollywood moguls who later went on to produce the movie Zero Dark Thirty. as the acting Director of the CIA he had to have known the potential risks involved in doing this. Members of SEAL Team Six family members here in the U.S. were now in danger of direct reprisals from Al Qeada cells here in America.
This blatant act of treason went unanswered. It still does to this very day.. It may very well have led to the death’s of SEAL Team Six members killed in Extortion 17. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone in or out of political circles that Panetta chose to stick the dagger in Obama’s back. It’s nothing new for him. His ability to fly under the radar and bend with the political winds make him appear as a right fit for the new Clinton Administration… if that happens.