Over the past week you most likely have seen the headlines how JetBlue will start charging for bags and there will be less leg room.   jetBlue dual operations June 25, 2014_105   It is true that they will start charging for bags, like all the other carriers, but they will offer a lower discounted ticket price if you have no bags.  Why are they doing this??

One reason is that many time when people shop out ticket prices they do not realize that there is a charge for bags and ticket prices from companies like Spirit or Allegiant may look cheaper.  JetBlue is offering a no bag ticket price to compete against this.

The other reason, the main reason, is that the stock-holders want a better return on their investment.   Fee income has become a huge part of airline revenues and will go right to their bottom line. Will JetBlue lose some customers?  Of course they will , but not many.  Watch the stock price take off over the next 12 months.  It was the right decision to make.      SouthWest will run with this and advertise how they do not charge for bags.   Guarantee you that over the next 12 months that they will join the rest of the carriers and charge for bags.

As far as less space, it will only effect the Airbus which currently has 150 seats and will have 165 seats.  In Worcester, JetBlue flies the Embraer 190 (100 seats) not the Airbus.   Bottom line the leg room out of Worcester on JetBlue will remain the same..