As we predicted here this past summer.


 Yahoo finance link

(real good summary)  –key section:

  • Fare Families / Branded Fares — Beginning in the first half of 2015, customers will be able to choose between three branded fare bundle options. The first of these will be designed for customers who do not plan to check a bag, while the latter two will offer one and two free checked bags, respectively, along with other attractive benefits, including additional TrueBlue points and increased flexibility. This new merchandising platform will enable JetBlue to tailor its offering to individual customers’ needs in a way that is simple and transparent.


Should be interesting day for the stock price (starts day at 12.65).  We are thinking you should see a big bump today.

Also note the Embraer that serves ORH will remain at 100 seats so legroom will not be reduced.  It is the Airbus that will go from 150 to 165 seats that will have less legroom.