Anyone who has carlie bakerbeen following the Worcester Herald since inception May 1st  should not be surprised by this endorsement.  The  readers, who account for our 50,000 plus views per month and over 5,900 Facebook Likes, should know why.

For the past 27 years, I have been in the insurance business focusing on group benefits.  During that time, I have seen many cbanges in the health insurance industry, including watching Charlie Baker take over a struggling Harvard Pilgrim and not only save them, but turn them into one of the top HMO’s in the country.   We had a front row seat watching Harvard Pilgrim enter the Worcester market.   To say the least, it was quite rocky initially and I  e-mailed the CEO, Charlie Baker, with some of my complaints thinking nobody would ever get back to me.   He not only answered me right away after my initial e-mail, but many times thereafter after addressing all my concerns.    Let me say that again, Charlie Baker, not an assistant answered everyone one of my complaints/suggestions immediately.

Later, Harvard-Pilgrim started a blog where you could ask the CEO, Charlie Baker, questions and he would answer them.    I remember when I noticed that once the individual market was merged into the 2-49 markets, individuals were “gaming the system”.     They would sign up whenever they needed healthcare, receive services and then cancel coverage.   Not only did the CEO listen, but he found out that Harvard Pilgrim new one person groups were incurring over a 300 claims loss ratio while only staying on the books less then 6 months.  As a result, changes were made in the open enrollment process to address these loopholes.

My point in detailing these experiences with Charlie Baker is that he means it, when he says that he is willing to dive into the weeds, he means it.    I am voting for Charlie Baker, because he will pay attention to the details and run the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a business and feel that he will turn Massachusetts around, just like he did Harvard Pilgrim.