So a few weeks ago, before the Patriots began their season I had started a column with 10 predictions for the upcoming season. At the point I made these predictions I was still very optimistic of them making a good run to the Super Bowl. Now, I am taking it one week at a time. If they put up a repeat performance of this past week Sunday against the Bengals it might be time to adjust my expectations (see prediction #10) just a bit but they can still win their division (I’m not saying that’s a great feat) and get into the playoffs. I try to think of some sort of positivity at this point. Teams like the 2012 Ravens and the two Giants teams that beat the Pats in the Super Bowl, who thought that even in late December these teams would win it all?

In any event, 4 weeks in I am taking a look back at these predictions to see how they are going so far.

  1. Tom Brady will miss at least 2 games. It the law of averages, a 37 year old quarterback who hasn’t missed a start since the 2008 season, something’s got to give. I am going with a mild separation of the shoulder in week 4.
    While he did make it through 3 quarters last week we’ll have to settle for a bruised ego instead of a shoulder separation. With the beating he has been taking I can see this one still happening though.
  2. Stevan Ridley will not finish the season with the team. I would be shocked if he starts the season with the team to be honest with you. Outside of Corey Dillon think of the cast of characters Coach Belichick has employed at the running back position. He pays them next to nothing and as long as they can average 3.5-4 yards a carry they can stay until their contract expires.
    While his fumbling problem has yet to show up this season I would put in the terrible prediction category for now.
  3. Shane Vereen will have 60 catches this year.   Right now he is on pace for about 60 catches. This one is still to be determined.
  4. Rob Gronkowski will play 8 regular season games this season. There are two examples of this right on the Patriots roster, Darrelle Revis and Tom Brady, that shows that guys just aren’t the same the season immediately following ACL surgery. If that isn’t evidence enough, look at Wes Welker’s stats the year he came back from his injury compared to the rest of his tenure in New England. Soreness and additional injuries will keep the big tight end out for an assortment of games this year.  Jury is still out on this one. They have been easing him back in so far and I think he has just started to look like himself again. But with his fragile nature we shall see.
  5. Danny Amendola’s season will be over before week 10. I just have no confidence in this guy staying healthy.    At the rate he is going, he could be cut by week 10. Just terrible. You’ve got to figure that he starts showing up on the inactive list pretty soon.
  6. Jeremy Gallon will have two touchdowns of at least 75 yards. Whether it is special teams or a quick screen this guy will break a couple. Just a couple.    Way off… he didn’t make it out of training camp and has yet to hitch on with another team. 
  7. The defense will lead the league in points against   .Despite being pushed around this past week I think this unit has a shot to be great.
  8. People will hate Brandon Browner by the end of the season due to excessive expectations this offseason.   The Brandon Browner watch begins this week!
  9. Jarrod Mayo will tear his bicep again.This isn’t the most pleasant of predictions but I feel like players who suffer this injury suffer it again. If he suffers it this week he can just begin the Ray Lewis rehab program of copious amounts of HGH and be back by the playoffs.
  10. Final record, 11-5.


They can still do this!