I was at home listening on Scanner Audio over my laptop to the Worcester Police Emergency band when I heard that there was an overdose at 4 Allen Street, a man down on the front porch.

After calling  Christopher Andrews who lives on the street and is the older brother of a long time friend, Baron Andrews to see what was going on.   Although from what he told me it sounded like the guy died, I decided to go investigate it for a story for the Worcester Herald and arrived just as the ambulance was pulling away, and all the first responders had left .     What I found were the concerned and caring tenants of 4 Allen still on the porch talking about the incident.   According to “Spider” a Worcester character of some celebrity, the guy had turned blue before the EMS people gave the dose of Narcan that saved his life.

Had no one taken the time to dial 911, this may have been another in a long string of needless deaths in Worcester brought about by seeking oblivion via injecting drugs.    This case turned out well, the guy lived, and hopefully there will be some intervention for him to get him on the road to recovery from drug addiction and abuse.

It seems to this reporter that in cases like this with a near death experience that the authorities can and should intervene with an intensive treatment program that is court mandated due to this guy having almost died from the self application of illegal drugs. There must be something that can be done to prevent these people from going right back out there and doing it again. It certainly is worth looking into. All are worthy of salvation, even drug abusers.


Ron O’Clair- for  the Worcester Herald.


PS  Working on a video with this story.