My family and I started off eating a nice dinner at a local restaurant in Worcester, MA. It was around 11pm when everyone started going home and the staff was clearing the tables. That’s when it happened. Out of the crack in the booth where I was sitting, came crawling a German cockroach.

Its dirty little antennas scoping the area for some crumbs not more than three feet from my left shoulder. It didn’t seem bothered by me sitting there at all. He just went about his business (I guess his friends didn’t tell him what I do for a living). I treat cockroaches almost every day for my pest control company (Bug Bully Pest Control), so I am quite used to them. However, it is much different when they join me for dinner. My family is pretty laid back so we didn’t make a big fuss or complain, but we all know people that would have talked to management and or probably asked for a free meal.

Here is the scary part for the restaurant…grossed-out-woman


If I wanted to – I could have easily pulled out my smart phone, took a picture and then headed over to – instagram, twitter, facebook, google+, or I could have even made a youtube video! All detailing my experience at this high end restaurant. A LOT of people would know within a short period of time where I had just eaten, and about the German cockroach (This would have certainly made an impact on people’s future dining decisions). In this day and age of social media, it is important to protect your brand, because negative word-of-mouth can spread fast and it can hurt sales. One social media posting about a cockroach in my booth would have spread like wild fire, and ultimately would have had a massive damaging impact on this great restaurants reputation.

It is important for restaurant managers to check up on their pest control technician to make sure that he/she is doing a good job. Restaurant owners should find a local pest control expert, such as this pest control Roanoke and get them to come in and check the place every once in a while. It is common practice for technicians in a time crunch to rush through accounts in 10 minutes, bypassing or overlooking important details and problems. Unlike with my company where I am personally at every job – most companies hire technicians that might not think about how important your brand is to you. So be sure to check up and make sure all areas are treated and inspected monthly (including the booths).

Also every account should:

  • Have a detailed logbook provided by the pest control company.
  • Make sure to inspect the paperwork regularly to ensure that strict attention is being paid to ALL areas. One of the most common areas that technicians fail to check is above the drop ceiling panels. Cockroaches, as well as other pests and rodents love to hide in ceiling panels. Check these spots regularly as it is an easy place for critters to migrate.
  • There also must be plenty of insect monitors placed throughout the establishment. Cockroach populations can get out of control quickly. It helps to catch them early on monitors before they spread.

Following these tips, as well as monitoring your technicians closely, will certainly help ensure that patrons are telling their friends and family about their amazing dining experiences, rather than explaining the horrors of why they are never eating there again!


Written by:

Michael Wrightson

Owner of Bug Bully Pest Control

Serving all of Worcester Country & Surrounding towns




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