I don’t usually get nervous when I’m treating for wasps or bald faced hornets. Professionals like those servicing reading are well trained (which is just one of the reasons for a pro wasp exterminator if you ever find a wasps nest) so removing nests is just a daily occurrence for us. But these nests were a little different.

The two nests that I will show you in the video below were up above drop ceiling panels in the basement.

If I made a mistake during the treatment and removal of the nests – I wouldn’t have had much room for escape if I neebug bully pest control wasp nest Auburn maded it.

Luckily I was able to successfully treat and remove both nests (as you will see in the video)

And I’ve still only been stung once this year…not bad 😉

pipe holeAlso, My Pro Tip of the day is to seal around ALL pipe openings to prevent wasps from gaining access

The nest in the above image was formed by wasps going through the opening seen in the image to the right.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deuPXo3iFQ8?rel=0]

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Exposed Nest: $75-$95

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