I had the opportunity to visit the new model store in Times Square. On the sidewalk, there was a sign for cell phone repairs like cracked screens and this sign in window. Finally someone realizes how important this has become.

As you walk in, there was the full line of Beats from Dr Dre along with other speakers. Further inside there was a free station to recharge your cell phones.


The sales people were not anchored behind the counter, but walked around like Apple does. The atmosphere was completely different and modern. Huge improvement.

I know that Radio Shack can not compete with Best Buy, when it comes to printers and monitors, but how hard is to have three models of each ? Carry keyboards and mouses, but not monitors or printers. Not sure, but I do not think they carry cartridges either for printers.

I was impressed with the new store, but they still need to add a few more products. Question is, is it too late?