I received the following email message recently from Charles Strange, the father of Michael Strange who was killed in service to his country in Afghanistan. Michael was a member of SEAL Team Six, he and 31 other service men were killed in what has been called the greatest loss of life of Special Forces in the history of the U.S. military. That event has come to be known as Extortion 17.   The following message is not just intended for support of the families of the men killed in Extortion 17 but for all service family members who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation.

We lost 7,000 in Iraq & Afganastan.    Each solider had a mom and dad–14,000.  Each had at least 3 or 4 brothers and sisters–21,000.     Each had at least 4 or 5 cousins—-35,000.    Each solider had at least 5 or 6 good friends —-42,000.      Each had an aunt and uncle at least 4—-28,000     People in their unit or squad say 20—-140,000.   Oh each had 2-grandparents—14,000.       At least 1200 wives lost a husband.        Children who lost a parent—2,000

-14,000 GSD Mom & DAD

-21,000 Gold Star brothers & sisters

-35,000 Gold Star cousins

-42,000 close friends

-28,000 Aunt & Uncle

-140,000-in their UNIT or Squad

-14,000-Grand parents-

– 1,200–Lost a husband

–  2,000 Children who lost a parent—

Approximately  7,000 Military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan since  9-11-2011.    My son being one of them.    This Equates to 297,200– and this is low.   Need your support.



                                    Thank You

                   Charles Strange Gold Star father of

                      Michael Strange CTR1 KIA-8-6-201

                             DEVGRU  { SEAL Team 6 }