Old Navy chooses to stay positive as the school year approaches. A new commercial titled “Unlimited” focuses on the better side of going back to school. A young girl starts out nervous, but quickly learns the first day of school doesn’t have to be a drag.

The full commercial, found on YouTube, is a little over 4 minutes long.  A music video for the chain store. The uplifting lyrics take the viewer through the turbulence of a young girls first day back to school. A monster inside her locker greets her, and represents her worries and concerns. The kinds a typical teenager would have. Thankfully she begins to sing an upbeat tune again, sending the negative feelings away.

In the age of cyberbullying and teen suicide rates rising Old Navy provides a light at the end of the tunnel. Especially for the kids. Although as a 21 year old I can attest that the song gave me some hope as well. First days back to college, work, or some kind of other activity are still weighed down by a sense of anxiety.

Is it a realistic first day of school? Partly. Most of the experiences the girl has portray the lighter side of summer ending, and school taking over. Some of her day reflects the memories I have from grades K-12. Specifically middle school, which seems to be the age group in the music video.

Ice breakers and homework that consisted of buying supplies and getting parent signatures on my science lab permission slip come to mind. These moments now overshadow memories of avoiding the mean kids and hoping I didn’t get any hard teachers. That dire moment of desperation as I looked around my new classes for friends or potential friends doesn’t matter now. It was a big thing then of course, but such a pointless memory now. Today I can focus on remembering when I simply chilled at my desk, as we didn’t have any “real work” to do. The fun times pop up in my head first, like when we got to decorate a name card, or when the science teachers pulled the cord on the shower for a classroom safety demonstration. The only time it was good to have a soaked floor. The teachers cracked a few jokes, some were even worth a laugh, and then we played fun name games. The happy days of the formative teens years.

It’s been three years since I graduated high school so I can easily focus on the lighter side of back to school memories. Even if you’re not reflecting yet, because you’re still experiencing these first day back to school moments, a cheery mood isn’t impossible. Just sing an uplifting song, and remember that the possibilities to how your day could go are unlimited.