You know the old saying, “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well then, it’s probably a duck.”    Or how about P.T. Barnum’s famous “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Watching recent events unfold in the Middle East and considering the new terror threat in Great Britain just announced today, an old feeling is creeping in, we are being setup for another military action in the Middle East. Pick any country right now.       Setup for what?   Think about it for a minute.

  • The Russians are invading the Ukraine.
  • A new, but not so new, terror organization called  ISIS is running amok in Iraq and Syria.
  • Israel is doing their best to once and for all squash Hamas.

Our President stands idly by not sure of what, if anything at all, the U.S. should do.

The idea here is that we, the United States, are being primed to once again, take on our role as the world’s police force. That’s it pretty much, get ready for “boots on the ground” again in the Middle east.   We won’t be given a choice, pressure from both the conservative media and the court of world opinion will force Obama to take punitive military action in places he most certainly does not want to go. After this week’s announcement of the beheading of  American journalist James Foley, the full court media press is on.    A new terrorist attack is anticipated by the British government according to their Prime Minister David Cameron, calling it the “ the most serious threat Britain has faced in the last four years.” He called it, “something the United Kingdom may end up fighting for years.” Just these statements alone have set the media here in the U.S. afire. The U.S. terror alert level will most certainly be raised as a result.

President Obama appears totally befuddled, but truth be told, he is playing it coy and close to the vest. He and the prime movers in his Cabinet know the U.S. will have no choice if these new terror threats prove to be real. Obama’s reluctance is a ruse. When and if the stuff hit’s the fan he can stand back and say he did everything possible to keep U.S. forces off the ground in countries like Iraq and Syria but it is now out of his hands, the U.S. must act. He has been under tremendous pressure recently to confront the Russians, ISIS and there has even been talk of joining forces with the Syrians to take on ISIS.Image: Militant Islamist fighters on a tank take part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province


His Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagl calls ISIS, “something the likes of which we have never seen before.” The idea that pipe is being laid for new U.S. intervention in the middle east is nothing new. What Hagl and other’s like John McCain  neglect to mention in their calls for U.S. military intervention is the fact that ISIS is yet another U.S. creation. just like Al-Qaeda. We supplied these people with the arms they are using to terrorize their own. We supplied Al-Qaeda when the Russians invaded Afghanistan and once again we are being bitten by our own creation.

Another factor to take into consideration is that it is that time of year again, September approaches and with it the memory of past terror attacks against the United States. The anniversaries of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed along with four members of his security detail and of course, the attacks on 9/11 are around the corner.


The conservative media has been doing it’s job in the past few months by beating the war drums, gearing viewers up for something awful. Wheeling out everyone war hawk available for sound bites that do nothing but turn scare the hell out of people. There’s a new Bogie man is under the bed and he’s going to get you!!


But,by making the President appear weak and ineffectual aren’t they giving this so called new enemy “ISIS” the public relations help they need? By amping up the fear here in America aren’t they playing right into the hands of the enemy? During World War II such actions would have been considered treasonous.  So, judging from the way the stage is being set and watching closely how the media plays us like we are a bunch of suckers it is becoming more apparent with each passing day as if something bad is about to happen. We are being primed and propagandized. When and “if” the “event” does happen the American public will have been properly “tuned” into the idea of a new war in an old area of the world.

The downsizing of the U.S. military, the scandal at the Veterans Administration, Obama’s neglect of anything military has left the United States in a position it probably has never been before, military weak, and appearing to be a joke in the eyes of potential enemies. Vladimir Putin certainly doesn’t worry about the U.S.…/us/…/pentagon-plans-to-shrin..

The real enemies of the U.S., China and in Russia are working diligently behind the scenes to undermine the U.S. economically and politically at every available opportunity.. These are the main actor’s on the world stage today, recent U.S.policies at home and abroad make evident the idea that we are not the power we once were militarily or economically.

Yes, we are being set up, and the final pieces are being moved into place. We will once again allow ourselves to buy a false narrative. Before you know and, judging from the events of the past month or so, American young men and women will once again find themselves being served up as cannon fodder in a war to far from home. A war in lands where Americans have never been welcomed and hated. Some things never change. Old P.T Barnum would be proud of today’s politicians.