9/11/01: WTC Building 7 “collapses” neatly into its own footprint in 6 seconds – “due to office fires”

Each year as the 9/11 anniversary approaches, America’s federally-licensed and state-approved talk radio personalities ramp up their anti-Muslim hysteria. Their advocacy for the government’s fire-induced collapse theory for the WTC towers requires that they join Presidents Obama and Bush in rejecting Newton’s Laws of physics.

If you listen carefully to WRKO over the next few weeks, you will hear Muslim-bashing Howie Carr and Jeff Kuhner tacitly accepting and even pushing the government’s physically impossible claim that normal office fires can cause mighty steel-framed skyscrapers to disintegrate before our eyes in mere seconds, flung to earth like fistfuls of sand. And all without any help from explosives planted inside the buildings.

Their swallowing of the official Muslim conspiracy theory requires Carr and Kuhner to toss Sir Isaac Newton under the science bus. For according to their new-fangled post-9/11 physics, it is no longer true that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we’re to believe Obama, Kuhner, Bush and Carr, then the amazingly symmetrical, lightning-quick “collapses” on 9/11 have proved Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion was wrong.

But WRKO’s annual rejection of Newton’s Laws isn’t working so well anymore, as increasing numbers of “conspiracy theorist” Americans have awoken from their shock-and-awe trance to realize that steel-framed buildings, in fact, cannot crush themselves at free-fall acceleration, no matter how many hijacked airliners you fly into them and no matter how many office fires result.

Simple Newtonian physics reveals the falsity of the official story but it gets even worse for our poor radio physicists in the case of WTC Building 7, the third tower to vanish from New York’s skyline that day. No plane hit Building 7, yet it too mysteriously dropped like sand directly through itself at free-fall – an impossibility without pre-planted explosives to remove all resistance.

So it’s no wonder our state-sanctioned WRKO experts fear debating 9/11 physics and hang up on callers who even mention Building 7. Imagine trying to defend the claim that a 47-storey modern highrise, (comparable to our own Hancock Tower), somehow crushed itself completely in 6 seconds due to normal office fires alone. Please.

Lacking a ready-made suicidal hijacker to blame for Building 7’s “collapse,” even the most skilled radio propagandist can’t explain away this obviously planned demolition. For if Building 7 really was flattened in seconds due to normal office fires, then Newton’s Laws would need to be thrown out and new physics books would need to be written. Building codes and engineering standards would need to be revised and existing steel skyscrapers across the globe would require major retrofitting to prevent future fire-collapses. Fortunately, none of this will be necessary because the truth of WTC7’s destruction has nothing to do with office fires.

Thanks to the easily available video evidence from 9/11/01, many of us listeners already know about WTC7’s controlled demolition. And thanks to the bravery of thousands of private-sector architects & engineers, we know that precisely timed explosions were the only physical way to bring down those towers in the manner we all witnessed.

For a symmetrical, straight-down, free-fall descent to occur, all of a building’s vertical support columns must be severed at once — a highly sophisticated engineering feat which no amount of random airplane damage nor sporadic office fires could ever replicate. Prior to 9/11 no steel-framed highrise in history had ever experienced complete gravity-driven collapse due to fires and/or airplane damage (or from any other cause), nor has it happened since. Yet, Kuhner and Carr expect us to believe it happened three times in one day? How stupid do they think we listeners are?

Okay, so maybe a team of cave-dwelling Muslims snuck in and rigged the towers, you say?

No way. Who is going to believe a work team of middle easterners, just eight years after the 1993 WTC bombing, could have evaded WTC security for several weeks, minimum? Even if they somehow did, why then would they go to the extraordinary risk and trouble of hijacking and flying airliners into buildings that they knew were about to be blown to kingdom come? No, sending airplanes into the outsides of doomed buildings only makes sense if their purpose was to divert attention from what was occurring inside the buildings. The ruse worked long enough to get them their bloody wars but now the jig is up.

So our government-licensed WRKO jocks are either paid disinfo artists or useful idiots for the military industrial complex and the burgeoning domestic police state. Take your pick. They paint themselves as anti-Big Government populists but their willful ignorance on 9/11 and their constant race baiting and anti-immigrant xenophobia serve to expand government power exponentially. And they know it.

Sorry, Howie and Jeff. You are hereby exposed. Newton’s Laws weren’t magically suspended on 9/11/01. Steel-framed buildings do not crush themselves vertically with zero resistance no matter what you throw at them. They never have and they never will.

Your hate-filled anti-Muslim conspiracy theories are transparently false. Does this mean all Muslims are peaceful? No. It just means Muslims didn’t bring down the World Trade Center, which means the real killers remain on the loose.

Which means our fear-mongering WRKO talk hosts are correct about one thing: Another government-expanding 9/11 type of event could indeed be right around the corner.