Most of us enjoy a good mystery every now and then, especially if it involves murder, sex and betrayal. A good many of us ordinary every day folk, although most won’t own up to it, might even have a bit of conspiracy theorist lurking somewhere inside of us.

Who doesn’t  like to play Sherlock Holmes? It’s all elementary after all, just process until you eliminate. We test our powers of deduction,  sift through clues, examine  evidence, search every last bit of crime scene minutia for that one conclusive tidbit that will bring a foul culprit to justice. It’s as American as Baseball, Apple Pie, and Nancy Grace or, better yet, NCIS.Sherlock Holmes


What’s your favorite conspiracy theory? The J.F.K Assassination? The  moon landing that never happened? Aliens working hand-in-hand with our government to subdue the masses? Reptilians clothe in human bodies attempting to take over the world?

How about some of the latest ones? Benghazi? The IRS scandal? The alleged murder of  journalist Andrew Breitbart? MH370? MH17? That one really took off fast. Well, I’m going to present you with the mother of all conspiracy theories I say that because in terms of historical time it’s recent. It’s a doozy, one I bet you’ve never even heard of, and well, one that many insiders believe is very real.



It begins in a cave located at the base of a mountain in a country called Afghanistan. It is a year or so after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the world’s Most Wanted individual is lying on his back, gaunt, pale, barely breathing. A kidney dialysis machine is struggling  at  it’s job, keeping this man alive.

He is surrounded by his most trusted confidants, some of whom are kneeling on prayer-rugs citing verses of the Koran. Other men are huddled off to the side, their faces in shadow, murmuring among themselves, discussing the order of succession if this man should go to Paradise before the night ends. The decision is made, they hug one another, and join the others in supplication before the dying Osama Bin Laden.

The al-Dafin or burial takes place shortly before sunset the next evening in those very same mountains that he came to love so very much, his men decide that this is what the great man, who helped create “The Base” (Al-Qaeda), would have wanted. As they walk away from the burial site they decide that the secret must be kept at all costs. No one must ever learn of this but, there are others who do know perhaps soon some may  speak out> The men know that such people  will be ignored, and laughed at, but these men know the truth.

Eventually, as time passes, word slowly makes it’s way to various intelligence communities around the world. First to pick up the news are Pakistani operatives who pass this on to the Kremlin and Bejing where it is later confirmed. United States and Great Britain deep cover operatives get word to their superiors,causing both nations bring the full force of their own intelligence services to bare in the effort to confirm Bin Laden’s death.

It is soon discovered that the information is indeed true, Bin Laden died of kidney failure, a doctor from Great Britain who had treated him confirmed the death. As shock waves ripple through the intelligence services in the both nations, a decision is hastily made to conceal the news of his death at all costs. Politics being politics it’s always good to keep an ace up your sleeve.

The news of Bin Laden’s death took some time to confirm, by that time one former U.S. President  had moved on while a new one had moved into the White House. Classified information buried by one administration can take time to surface in a new one. The new administration soon learns that Bin Laden has been dead for several years now, debates erupt inside the West Wing over what to do with this information. It’s decided to hold off sharing this with the public, the Ace up the sleeve scenario wins out again.

Fast forward now to the year 2011. The new President’s novelty is beginning to fade a bit in the public eye, there is a re-election campaign to get off the ground. The Republicans are gearing up and promise to give the President a hell of a fight to win back the White House. The first four years haven’t been exactly what the President’s campaign managers had hoped for, the possibility of a one term presidency looms large, a quick, decisive ,overwhelming boost in the polls would be just what the doctor ordered.

Osama bin Laden is pictured. | AP Photo

They acted boldly, deciding to use the ace they had hidden up their sleeve. Quietly, covertly the actor’s set the stage for the event that would lift the President into his second term, a public relations coup that would create an outbreak of nationalism in this country not seen since 9/11.

The clever part was it would draw on the events of that very day. They would find, eliminate, and take credit for bringing the  world’s number one terrorist to justice, a justice he deserved for the crimes he perpetrated on America.  Then, they would just sit back and watch those poll numbers shoot right through the roof.


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Abbottabad, Pakistan, is a somewhat heavily populated area. Just a short distance away from the Pakistani equivalent of West Point, in a walled off compound, “Osama Bin Laden” watches television. Approaching in the night sky, airborne stealth helicopters carrying SEAL Team Six zero in on the compound. The mission is a “Go”, the men on board make last minute equipment checks, it’s show time.

We all know what supposedly happened that evening, one chopper crashed, hmmm? A man supposedly identified as Osama Bin Laden was shot while resisting capture. A photo captured by one of the Seal’s confirmed it. These photo’s would never be shared with the public.

Osama Bin Laden’s compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad where US forces killed him is being demolished photo

The President makes the announcement to the American public on national television later that same evening, the resulting outbreak of nationalistic pride in Times Square in New York City had not been seen since VE day in 1945 .The body of the world’s number one bad guy is “respectfully” given a full Muslim funeral ceremony and immediately disposed of at sea.


While the scene in Pakistan was unfolding and being relayed to the White House Situation Room it was agreed by everyone watching that none of the mission details were to be be released to the public. None of the particulars were to be divulged publicly or privately on grounds of National Security. Everyone in the room swears to stand by that order. within a week that agreement would be broken by two of the more prominent members of the President’s inner circle, Vice-President Joe Biden and Leon Panetta. They both choose to reveal to members of the press and public that it was SEAL Team Six that carried out the mission. Putting the families and the Team itself at risk.

Intense: President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, alongside other Security staff, watch the mission unfold at the White House

Returning home on leave shortly after the raid in Pakistan various members of SEAL Team Six inform family members that they fear for them and their own safety. Several were quoted warning family members.  They had been made aware of the fact that “something was up”, ‘something was wrong.” Some even went so far as to tell family and friends they had drawn up “special wills.” They begged their family members to be extra careful.

August 6, 2011, just two months after supposedly killing Osama Bin Laden and virtually guaranteeing a re-election for the standing President of the United States, 22 members of SEAL Team Six are crowded on to a 60 year old Vietnam era helicopter unequipped for the mission they were about to undertake and sent to their death. An elite Special Force unit that usually travels in the most modern equipment the military has to offer with more than enough air and ground support were left bare and exposed, taken down by what military officials called “a lucky shot.”

The Black Boxes were supposedly washed away in a rain storm. the bodies of the men were left to lay on the ground until daybreak. Families were informed that the men on board were burned beyond recognition, their bodies had been cremated without the permission of the families. This was proven to be a complete lie as autopsy photo’s later revealed. At the ramp ceremony while their bodies were being loaded for their final trip home an Islamic cleric was brought in to “bless” the bodies. He was actually cursing them!!

The “investigation” into Extortion 17 was cursory at best, it makes the Warren Commission report look both academic and scientific, something it certainly is not. The case continues to be ignored by the mainstream media. The so called Fourth Estate has failed the public and the families of these men miserably. The military has turned their back on the family members  who only seek answers to the many questions surrounding what happened to their children that night..

As long as those questions go unanswered, hidden behind military hubris conspiracy theories surrounding the crash of Extortion 17 will proliferate. The one given above is just a sampling.  Was Bin Laden dead for all those years? Was the raid in Abbottabad just a staged event designed to boost the popularity ratings of a President seeking re-election? Was SEAL Team Six killed because, as many of the men told family members, “something is wrong”?   Did they know what really happened in Abbottabad? Was someone or, some agency afraid the truth would get out? The truth being that Bin laden wasn’t in the compound that night. Why bury Bin Laden at Sea?


You do the research, channel that inner detective. Give it the smell test. You be the judge, until answers are given it’s just all speculation anyway, have we lost the right to question government officials? I hope not. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, well….