Milton William Cooper, was once deemed the “Most Dangerous Radio Show Host in America” by President Clinton and conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. He was shot and killed on Nov.5th 2001 in Eagar, Arizona.

The Most Dangerous Radio Talk Show Host In america

The Most Dangerous Radio Talk Show Host In america


Cooper was being chased by Apache County Sheriff’s who were attempting to serve him with an arrest warrant on charges of Aggravated Assault.  To this day it is still uncertain  who fire d first but in an exchange of gunfire he was shot and killed. His body lay on his front porch for almost 24 hours before finally being removed by the Coroner’s office.


Cooper has been credited with predicting the terrorists attacks of 9/11. In June of that year Cooper, speaking on his shortwave radio show, “The Hour of The Time” informed listeners that,as he put it, ‘something big was about to happen and the blame would be put on Osama Bin Laden.”  Two months after the attacks of 9/11 Copper was killed.

During the broadcast Cooper addressed the fact that the world’s most wanted man, Bin Laden, while hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, had been found and interviewed by a CNN reporter while the Central Intelligence Agency was scouring the globe looking for him.

Cooper believed that Bin Laden was being set up to take the fall for some kind of terrorist attack that would take place in the near future. As he put it,  “if some no nothing reporter from CNN could find this guy and the CIA couldn’t it could only mean something bad is about to happen, and this guy is being exposed to be set up as a fall guy. Don’t be surprised if it happens right here in America.”

During the Clinton Administration, just after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, Cooper took to the airwaves claiming that the Federal Building was destroyed because it was the storage repository for evidence being compiled against Clinton himself.

According to Cooper, the alleged investigation involved the importation of tons of cocaine that had been flown into Mena, Arkansas Airport by ex-CIA operative Barry Seal when Clinton was Governor of that state. It just so happens that the day that Barry Seal was to testify before a Federal Grand Jury he was found shot to death in what investigators determined to be an apparent suicide.


Cooper was a firm believer in the Constitution and considered himself to be a staunch patriot. His nightly show focused on what he called “the unlawful intrusion of the Federal Government into the daily lives of the american people.” many evenings Cooper could be heard beating callers, labelling them  “sheeple.”


During his ten years on the air Cooper was very outspoken on issues like Ruby Ridge, where agents of the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms shot and killed the wife and son of Randy Weaver, who agents believed had violated certain weapons laws. Weaver’s wife was shot by an ATF sniper while clutching her infant child. Weaver was later found to be innocent of all charges. None of the ATF agents involved were ever disciplined for their actions.

The raid on the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas  by agents of the FBI and ATF was another of Cooper’s examples of a government out of control. He reported from the site of the stand-off and could be heard taking agents on the scene to task, going so far as to call their actions “treasonous.”

Cooper was a firm believer in the idea that certain “outside” forces were working inside the Federal government to assure the inevitable destruction of the U.S. Constitution. He presented controversial guests on his show, like minded individuals who presented listener’s with evidence to support Cooper’s beliefs.

His gruff, outspoken  behavior and anti-government position on topics such as the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement, The Treaty of Bretton Woods, the United Nations, the UFO movement and the assassination of JFK made him a target for mainstream media spokesman like Limbaugh. he was called the ‘Grandfather of Conspiracy Theorists” by many in the mainstream. his thoughts on the  Unconstitutional Federal Reserve were stuff of legend.

While many of the topics discussed by Cooper were out of the ordinary and can be considered to be outside the realm of reality many of his ‘predictions” of things that would happen in the United states are happening today.


As far back as 19991 he went on the record  saying  that ‘mass shootings” would become commonplace in America one day. He believed this would give the government all the ammunition it needed to rescind the Second Amendment.


He informed his listening audience in 1992 that very soon the U.S. was going to become the “world’s police force.’ american men and women would be sent around the world to quell civil wars and settle tribal disputes. he believed that certain agreements and treaties made by the U.S. with the U.N. had locked the country into that position.

Cooper served as a Riverboat Commander in Vietnam, he also served  in the Air Force and spent time working in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He received many commendations during his time in the military.

He authored one of the most widely read underground books titled “Behold a Pale Horse” and hosted his own radio show “The Hour of The Time”  featured primarily on shortwave radio. His topics were so controversial it had become impossible to find a legitimate radio station as a venue for the show.

Cooper began  speaking to paid audiences in the late 1980’s. His topics were extremely controversial at the time. Later on in life he would change his stance on many of the things he once claimed to be true, especially in regard to UFO’s and the so called “extraterrestrial” threat.

Many of the “facts” Cooper presented  early on in his career he later came to believe as false. he felt that in his zeal to present truth to the American public he himself had been duped. he laughed at his own humanity and gullibility. but no one can deny that he had this nation’s best interest at heart.

There are many people who believe that Bill Cooper predicted the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in June of that year and that he died two months after the attacks because he did so, who can say? He was right about many things and wrong about a few too, but he never stopped striving to open people’s eyes. he wished that the people would take back their government. In the end that was all he wanted, to show the citizens of this country that “they” are the real power. He was cantankerous, he was  not one to pull punches, he was Vietnam veteran who served proudly and loved his country.