The construction started today, Monday 7/7/14 for Tatnuck Sq. –ts1 But it actually got off to a “Bad Start” first on Sunday 7/6/14 when Amorello Construction Co. started putting up the No Parking/Construction Area signs.  There was a real lack of communication and some major mix –ups on Sunday 7/6/14 for sure.

Here is how it all went down. The businesses on Pleasant St. on the On the Rise Bakery side, had received notices that construction would begin for them on Monday 7/7/14.ts2
Early on Sunday 7/6/14 Amorello Construction started putting up the No Parking signs from 6:00 AM till 5:00 PM on Pleasant St. that is what was supposed to happen.

But later in the day on Sunday they took all of those signs down and put them up on Chandler St. (Both Sides) from Mill St. to Pleasant St. on both sides of Chandler St. – Keep in mind that it was the Pleasant St. businesses that received a notice, and not the Chandler St. businesses. It was a certain there would be mass confusion on Chandler St. on Monday morning.ts3

So on a Sunday evening on the July 4th week-end of all times, I started sending out emails to DPW Commissioner Paul Moosey, D-5 City Councilor Gary Rosen, and some Chandler St. business owners to alert them of what was coming on Monday morning 7/7/14.
On Monday morning as everyone became aware of the situation, Commissioner Paul Moosey sent the following message via email “ Signs will be adjusted ASAP if not already done. They were put up incorrectly by someone from the contractor yesterday”ts4.

D-5 City Councilor Gary Rosen was on site at 7:30 AM. Trying to explain to the contractor that they could not shut down all of the businesses on Chandler St. this way, and asked that the signs on the Elsa’s/Subway side be taken down. Which was what DPW Commissioner Paul Moosey also said!

This phase of construction is only sidewalks, and was to be done in small sections at a time so as to not affect businesses too much. It didn’t exactly turn out that way though. The entire length of sidewalks were torn up from Mill St. to Pleasant St. by the end of the day. It’s fair to say this project got off to a bad start, and raises much concern as to how the rest of the project will go. The city needs to oversee and supervise every aspect of this Tatnuck Sq. project, so that something like this doesn’t happen again!ts5
Paul Gunnerson – President
Tatnuck Neighborhood Association Inc.

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