A new watch with an apple logo on the back caused people walking down the street to get excited about the possibility of a new wearable device by apple. This happened to be a joke by the Jimie Kimmel show, where they took a Casio watch and put a Apple logo on the back to see peoples reactions. The stunt spurred me to do some research this week of current and future wearable devices that may turn the average consumer into a bit of a cyborg walking down the street.

Most of the current wearable technology centers around fitness or activity monitoring. I personally use a Jawbone that helps me track my sleep, movement, reminds me to stop sitting around and get up, and it integrates with other apps on my phone. More options for wearable Smart Watches are coming to the market. I guess you could say wearable technology has been around for a long time, but smart watches bring it to a new level of tech. Smart watches combine your phone, fitness tracker, music player, and more onto one wearable device. Google Glass combines real time feedback on your activity, Navigation, Golf GPS RangeFinder, send messages hands free, and more. To learn more about smart watches and all things technology, check out the best tech blogs from Mobile Mob. But for now, wearable technology is currently available for many uses and is only getting larger. Below are some future ….

Control devices with brain waves by wearing a device to control bionic legs, remote control helicopters, turn on/off lights, and much more. This technology is being developed by many companies and researchers. The technology is called electroencepholagraphy, or EEG for short.


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