If you have Blue Cross of Massachusetts and you do not have this rider, Healthy Actions, you are making a big mistake!!!    Please note this only applies to employers with under 100 employeesIt adds money to you monthly premium, but it is not much:

  • 1 employee 2.5% of premium
  • 2-9 employees 1.25% of premium
  • 10-99 employees .04% of premium

Here is an example of a 4 person group that recently added the rider to their plan.  It will cost 1.25% of premium since they are between 2-9 employees.

  • Monthly premium of 2,000 equates to $300 for the year in additional premiums
  • Each employee can earn $300 or $1,200 for the entire group.
  • Company spends $300 to promote “health actions” and the employees can get up to $1,200 back.

There is more! The second part of Healthy Actions is the employer also gets money back based on successful participation:

  • 20-49% 1.25% of annual premium
  • 50-79% 2.50% of annual premium
  • 80-100% 5.00% of annual premium

If this group has 100% participation (all 4 employees) it will get 5% of the annual premium back or in this case $2,400.

  • Annual outlay of $300
  • Employees can get up $1,200
  • Employer up to $2,400!!

A $300 investment can return $3,600!!!    The key to Healthy Act is being able to convince your employees to participate and complete the program. Of course Advantage Benefits can help you with that too!  If you have Blue Cross and want to learn about this, send me an e-mail.