Buy an Estrella at the Greyhound and you get a raffle ticket to win this jersey.

I had the chance to visit Perfect Game for the first time ever this week to watch the final 30 minutes of the Spain versus Chile game, and even though it is a “sports bar”, I would not call it soccer friendly.  There are all sorts of sports memorabilia like posters, framed team uniforms, never a bad seat, a bar area, a dinning in section and all the numerous televisions with the soccer game on, I just did not get that soccer pub feel.

One patron ask the bartender how long is a soccer game and she didn’t know.   In the words of Deion Sanders “Come on man”.     I overheard someone else say disdainfully there were plenty of soccer fans there last weekend but he obviously wasn’t a soccer fan and didn’t like their presence felt.

Later that evening went back to Greyhound pub for the Croatia v Cameroon game, bought a pint of Estrella beer and entered the raffle for a chance to win a Barcelona jersey.  The owner and staff are 110% percent into the Soccer scene and I felt more comfortable here.

Anyone who is curious reading this article wand wants to watch a  game in a Soccer atmosphere go to Water Street during a game.  Check out both bars, I am sure you will have fun at one, the other or both..  Soccer is just one of those sports to watch better with a crowd not at home by yourself.

USA next game is this Sunday vs Portugal at 6, and if you plan on going, to try to get there a hour early if you can, there was probably 70+ people there for the Ghana game at the Greyhound and I imagine the place will be just as packed or more this Sunday.   Today the Ghana and Germany will be a good one also at 3:00PM.

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