This passed Saturday I was able to watch Costa Rica vs Uruguay at two locations on Shrewsbury st. in Worcester.   For the 1st half I was at Funky Murphys Bar and Grille, while the 2nd half was spent at Meze Greek Tapas Bar and Grille. Both places had World Cup banners from a beer vendor.

a sign for world cup viewers to go watch there

a sign for world cup viewers to go watch there

Funky Murphy’s was a good place with 3 large flat screen televisions, a long bar area, seating for dinning in, and an exterior facing wall was one giant window that  was open to allow the warm June air in. There were some Brazilians enjoying some beer and watching the game, and a few others too watching.

Meze is a Greek restaurant, new to the city eating scene. Not only did I see the same beer world cup banner on the side of the building, but there was also a Greek flag at the doorway, to me was a universal sign for soccer. I decided to dine in since I never had Greek food. The owner was nice and happy to teach me, serve me, and even talk some soccer too. (Greece had lost earlier in the day) The owner had on his Greek national team jersey on.

For me the only place to watch USA Ghana game was the Greyhound pub. I would guessing somewhere between 40-50+ people packed inside that small pub to cheer on team USA. And with the next game for USA this Sunday night at 6pm, this should be prime time to find your favorite bar for the game or find a new place, or even find that one place for “soccer fans” like the Greyhound pub. Here is a video I shoot on my iphone during the 2nd half, what I didn’t capture was about a dozen people outside who were smoking while watching through the giant open windows


sorry for the audio, captured on my iphone

Don’t wait for the next USA game to go to a bar or to watch a game, go out and explore the city bar, eating scene. Many places are trying to get extra business in by being World Cup viewing bars, this only happens once every 4 years and lets be honest, we are in a sports doldrums here.