With a decisive final group game vs Germany set to happen this Thursday at 12pm, I bet there are plenty of hardcore soccer fans, and a few casual fans, who will probably either call out sick, or if they are lucky enough to be off, will be looking for a place with other USA fans to watch that game.    I was at the Greyhound Pub for the USA vs Ghana game, and there were probably about 70+ people at the pub for that game.

I was “working” for the USA vs Portugal game, but I saw later there was probably just as much or more people at the Greyhound pub for that game.   And with this game coming up on Thursday, I bet that place will be just as packed, or maybe even more packed. Problem is that pub can only handle so many people inside, so if you plan on going, and looking to find a soccer pub, do plan on getting there early.



I was there today for the Mexico vs Croatia game, and got word that the owner, Mr. Paul Curley, would probably (or at least like to open) early, maybe around 1030am-11am.  So get there early to get good seats, because that pub will be standing room only once 12pm comes for the start of the match.

If you go, buy a pint of Estrella beer and enter a raffle to win a Barcelona framed jersey, but not just for that game, but any game during the World Cup, only during game times.   If the Greyhound is too crowded, there are other bars right on Water Street that you can walk to.