Team USA beat Ghana 2-1 in their opening game. Despite a early minute goal from captain Clint Dempsey and good overall display in the first half, Ghana controlled the 2nd half, getting closer and closer to their equalizer before Andrew Ayew broke the American defense. In case you don’t care or living under a rock, USA did break the tie minutes later late in the game and won 2-1, on a corner kick header from half-time substitute defender Anthony Brooks. Despite winning, USA needs to put a better 90 minute display VS Portugal, and even more so versus Germany.

Earlier I was embarrassed as I watch my Portugal team lose their game and heads to Germany 4-0. Don’t ask who I want to win tomorrow, because the truth is I want both countries to move on, but this of course will not happen. If Portugal loses to USA then of course Portugal is going home early and USA will move on to the next round regardless of the result in their game against Germany. Don’t let Portugal’s 4-0 loss to Germany make you think USA will roll Portugal over and it looks like Ronoldo will be playing. With their backs against the wall Portugal will come out swinging, despite what will be a different looking lineup due to suspensions and injuries.


I think you will see a different USA lineup too. Forward Jozy Altidore and defender Matt Besler both left yesterdays game early. Matt was able to finish the half before getting subbed out, but Jozy went down grabbing his hamstrings. Aaron Johansson came on for Jozy, and I think with a win against Ghana in the books, Jurgen will not risk hurting Jozy further by playing him against Portugal, even if he says hes able to play. I think we will see Matt Besler back out there against Portugal, other then that I don’t see any reason for a lineup change for team USA.



The 2-2 draw between Germany and Ghana yesterday gives the US a serious opportunity to win the Group of Death.  If they can beat Portugal and draw against Germany, they will win this group.