“From Mass DOT on the Pleasant St. Changes” – Are You Kidding Me!

So (Now) we hear from Mass DOT about why they changed Pleasant St. from 2 lanes to 1 lane going down from the airport to Tatnuck Sq.

So they could add (Bike Lanes)? – Hello, is anybody home?

We have 6 months of winter here in Massachusetts. Come on Mass DOT – Bike Lanes? – This is why you did what you did? – Brilliant!

So, according to Mass DOT, to hell with the Postal Service delivery problems they have created, (What will UPS and FedEx do? walk the route also)? – And to hell with the cars that have to come to a complete stop now and have been rear-ended. Oh, by the way Mass DOT – Today, Tuesday 6/24/14 – I had to drive down the new southbound single lane of Pleasant St. and the car in front of me had to make a left turn. He had to completely stop all the traffic behind him, because there was no break in traffic coming up Pleasant St. and with no other open lane of travel now – I almost got rear ended myself, it’s a guarantee that more people will get hit from behind now or perhaps a head on collision will happen.

We’re not going to a healthy Green DOT policy, we’re heading to a Red DOT policy, and that Red will be the blood of some motorist that will be killed because of this change! – They say “You can’t fix stupid” But enough is enough already – Mass DOT is just incapable of admitting when they do dumb things – “Bike Lanes, Good Grief” – Put that road back to four lanes before somebody gets killed!


Paul Gunnerson – President
Tatnuck Neighborhood Association Inc.

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