From: Mass Fiscal Alliance

Boston, MA:

Yesterday, the Massachusetts House of Representatives defeated an amendment offered by State Rep. Ryan Fattman of Webster to close the campaign finance loophole allowing unions to donate up $15,000 to a single candidate in a single year. Rep. Fattman’s proposal, which would have limited union donations to a single candidate or committee to $1,000 per year, was defeated on a party-line vote of 29-120. A copy of the roll call vote may be found by clicking here.

“Massachusetts unions have their own set of rules that benefit only the candidates they want to see win. This law needs to be immediately repealed,” stated Paul Craney, the group’s executive director.

“When individuals are limited to $500 and corporations are forbidden from given any money at all, it’s outrageous that unions should be able to give $15,000. Furthermore, many who proclaim their deep concern about the corrosive influence of money in politics grow curiously silent when it’s their allies giving them the donations. Our lawmakers should expend more effort pursuing fairness and less time seeking loopholes for their friends,” concluded Craney.