I love these guys…   Truly believe they would be a great addition at ORH.  For year I have asked, questioned, wondered and have now officially given up on Cape Air. 

The radio ads for new service in the Worcester market to drive to Providence to use them to fly to the islands?  Why advertise in Worcester if you do not think there is any demand for their service?   If I am going to drive an hour to fly, why would I drive to Providence?   If I were to do this I would drive to New Bedford.

linear jet in style

Linear Air has been around for ten years using the air tax model, one of the only ones that have actually survived and has recently added per seat reservations.  From their website

Cape Cod, MA

Service between Chatham & Bedford, MA

$557.50 per-seat, one way
Bedford (BED) ➝ Chatham (CQX) Friday 4:45pm
Chatham (CQX) ➝ Bedford (BED) Sunday 2:00pm

 Service between Provincetown & Westchester County Airport, NY

$997.50 per-seat, one way
White Plains (HPN) ➝ Provincetown (PVC) Thursday 5:00pm
Provincetown (PVC) ➝ White Plains (HPN) Sunday 2:00pm

We must be on their radar screen?  Remember they came to the travel show the Chamber of Commerce had at the airport this year.   Keep an eye on Linear Air!!!