Fresh new allegations this weekend from England’s “The Sunday Times” says they have a cache of millions of documents, emails of conversations detailing  5 million dollars of payments and gifts from accounts controlled by Mohammed Bin Hammamm, his family and Doha based businesses.    The paper claims show that Bin Hammam paid $5m to African football officials, former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner and former Oceania Fifa Exco member Reynald Temarii, while also hosting hospitality events to lobby for votes for Qatar.

Mohamed Bin Hammam at the center of corruption allegations

Mohamed Bin Hammam at the center of corruption allegations


This will turn ugly I think. If FIFA was to do a revote, expect legal challenge from Qatar, but the difficulty in re-running the 2022 vote without also reopening the 2018 process. Russia won the right to host the 2018 World Cup in an ill-defined dual process riddled with controversy.

Keep in mind the host country automatically qualifies for the World cup, and Qatar, ranked 113 in the world has never qualified for a world cup.   They have qualified for 7 Asian cups including in 2011 as they were the host nation. So they have had a chance to host a major tournament.

Doha, the capital of Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar during 2011 Asian cup as Qatar hosted the tournament

The top issue after Qatar won the bid was the heat.  It can get as hot as 120 degrees during the summer time. Since 10 of the 12 host venues has to be built there were plans to build domes with built in a/c to help beat the heat.

With 10 venues that need to be built, there is the issue of migrant workers. None of the workers or locals, they are all foreigners. Human rights watch and International trade union confederation alleges that the Kafala system ( system used to monitor the construction and domestic migrant laborers to have in-country sponsor) vulnerable to systemic abuse. Workers may not chance jobs or leave without their sponsors permission. Also working conditions and accidents are big issues.

With all these venues that need to be built you have the issue of cost. It is estimated the Qatar will spend about 220 billion dollars total. 60 times more than what South Africa spend on their World Cup (3.5 billion).

You also have the issue of homosexual fans. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. At the time FIFA president said “I would say they should refrain from any sexual activities;” he later added that “we [FIFA] don’t want any discrimination. What we want to do is open this game to everybody, and to open it to all cultures, and this is what we are doing in 2022”. Funny how FIFA has this anti-racism, say no to racism campaign but then votes for Qatar.

Lastly you have no alcohol in Qatar, their legal system is based on Sharia Law. In winning the bid Qatar has said it would sell alcohol during the event. Specific fan-zones would be established where alcohol can be sold. Despite this no public drinking will be allowed.

Yes I understand each country has their issues, even us here. But it is FIFA law the no bids can be bought, and to such a place like Qatar? Sorry but no, FIFA has had a long reputation of corruption and its time to crack down.