I am not the kind of person who gets upset when someone insults soccer, or even the MLS. With the World Cup starting tomorrow, the local sports talk radio stations has finally decided to talk about soccer for the first time since…..the last World Cup in 2010.     I understand soccer will never be the most popular sport in America and I am fine with that. Also understand that MLS will never be a top league in the world, and I am fine with that too.

I am not able to listen to sports talk radio much due to my work schedule, but the conversation ALWAYS seems to be the same, can soccer be relevant in this country?     WHY DO WE ALWAYS TALK ABOUT THIS AND NOT THE TEAM OR PLAYERS!!!!!    Listening to sports talk radio this seems to be the only topic, can soccer ever be big in this country and that’s it.

Now any soccer talk I guess is good talk for the sport, but this one issue over and over?    How about we talk our local team local team (New England Revolution) or certain players on the Revolution, and there are plenty of individuals to talk about.

  • Why not ask if Patrick Mullins is the real deal?
  • How about talking about the young, up and coming players like Andrew Farrell, Diego Fagundez. Revs just had a hot streak and now back to back 2-0, what is going on with them?

But sadly no, they only talk about whether soccer will ever be huge. This is what aggravates me.   I think the best way to follow soccer is to follow the local soccer team.   Plenty of former Revs players went on to have good international careers, either overseas or with the national team.

If you at least try to follow the local team, local league, make an effort to follow some of the league stars, I feel it would be easier to watch the national team cause you would be familiar with some of the players. Of course not everyone thinks like this.