I saw this ad in the Telegram the other day advertising prescriptions for atotalcaremart company called TotalCareMart.   If you can not see the ad, check out their web site and prices on prescriptions.   They have excellent prices.

I still remember the days of the corner drug store when we had Vernon Drug and Lincoln Pharmacy that were replaced by the CVS and Brooks operations.  Now these places are being replaced for prescriptions by the likes of TotalCareMart and WalMart.  Yes, I said WalMart. Check out the list of  $4 prescriptions for a 30 day supply. They are not the only one, check out Target.

The only way to control health insurance premiums is to control costs, not just make everyone get health insurance.  We need to focus on things like this that actually cut the costs of claims, which alleviates the pressure on insurance premiums.  It is all about the cost of claims to lower health insurance premiums, not the enrollment numbers!