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page 119 show how the City of Worcester is going to spend  4,136,250 of Community Development Block Grant Money, check out this one line item. images-golocalworcester-com--news_Worcester_City_Hall-240x360

  • Gardner Kilby Hammond debt service  362,798

Nick K wrote about this a few years ago.  This all goes back to a 5.8 Million HUD loan that  the City has to pay back to HUD for the  Gardner-Kilby Hammond project.    Not only do we have to pay this amount for another 10 years there are two balloon payments

  • 2018   1,870,000
  • 2024   1,270,000

Although the City of Worcester (tax-payers) are having to pay this debt, the Main South CDC receives another award of 26,350.   Don’t they owe the City of Worcester some 900,000 in HUD HOME funds audit?

For a minute take a look at how we spend $4.1 million dollars?.    We are given $4.1 million dollars to invest back into our community and I know that there are rules and regulations as to how to spend the money.   Meanwhile the Chandler Business Association working with Community Healthlink and Common Ground applies for $17,000 (100% of the monies right back to the kids–no administration fees)to fund a successful summer work crew hiring youths from the neighborhood that the business-owners and residents have supported the past 5 years and we get denied.