Does anyone think otherwise???  I can see it now:

  1. Public Comments for an hour with some booing and cheering
  2. The Councilors will start
  3. One Councilor will eventually table it
  4. All the remaining Councilors will still talk about this table item
  5. At least an hour and 15 minutes of time on an item that will not have a vote

When this is voted on we will grade this vote for the Scorecard, since it represents $59,000,000 of Federal monies that we may put in jeopardy!   If you do not pay property taxes in the City of Worcester, you may not care if we lose $59,000,000 in Federal monies.  On the other hand if you do and already think taxes are too high, what do you think will happen to your tax bill if we lose $59,000,000 of revenues?



The past three years of Worcester tax levy:

  • FY ’17 (ends June 30)    $282.2 million
  • FY ’16                $274.9 million
  • FY ’15                $261.9 million



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