Although CAT III landing system, complete game changer, still looks almost two years away, we see more service coming to ORH this winter.   Lets take a look at JetBlue out of Hartford:

  1. November 2010:    Fort Lauderdale and Orlando
  2. January 0f 2012:    West Palm and San Juan
  3. October of 2013:    Fort Myers and Tampa

It took JetBlue about two years to add flights to Hartford.  Now couple that with the fact our loads are higher then expected and JetBlue is not making a profit with just two round trips to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, it seems perfect timing to be adding more flights with the second anniversary of JetBlue at ORH coming in November.

If JetBlue were to announce new service it would be to one of the destinations listed above.   Our bet is on San Juan or maybe Fort Myers.   Perfect timing for this announcement would be after Labor Day.  Stay Tuned!!  In the meantime check out this video of a plane landing at an airport with CAT III Landing equipment and you will understand what a huge deal this will be for ORH.