On Friday, May 8, I flew our of Worcester Regional Airport (ORH) for the first time ever. Just like the owner of the Worcester Herald, I too want to see the airport succeed. I read the negative comments about whether this airport should even be open or that it will NEVER succeed,  put the casino on that property, or just let animals graze there or something. As someone who doesn’t live in Worcester, I was amazed at how much negativity there was about anything having success in Worcester, seems like there is a percentage of the population that wants to see anything and everything fail in Worcester.

When it was announced last summer that Orlando would be awarded a MLS team, I knew then that that would be my one road game to cover. Also, a great time to fly out of that airport for the first time. I also knew this would be the perfect occasion for that plane to be 100% full, with mostly Revolution fans I was hoping. Why drive to Boston, Providence when we can go to Worcester? Less traffic, no tolls, less people to deal with, and an access road wasn’t necessary because I allowed myself plenty of time by leaving home hours before my flight (shocker a responsible flyer). Yea there is only 1 flight a day to two destinations in Florida, but on this occasion, one of those destinations was a MLS city!!

I heard how quick and easy it was to fly out of ORH. When I arrived, it only took about 10-15 minutes to walk from the parking lot, go through the security, and be sitting at the Mirage Express inside the terminal. What made this process faster was the jetBlue mobile app I used, no need to print a boarding pass cause it was on my phone, and also because I was travelling light, only one carry on. I understand that it is easy to praise how quick and easy flying out of ORH was, only 99 other passengers to deal with and not thousands. If or when that passenger count increases, especially after the CATIII landing system is completed, it will be more difficult to deal with all those passengers, trying to find a parking spot, waiting in a longer line at security. But is that such a bad thing? Especially when you consider the economic boom to the region that could potentially be?

I also hear the comments about how tickets cost more out of ORH than Providence or Boston on jetBlue. Consider this. When I booked my flight and hotel on the jetBlue getaways package, I paid $370 total, ($50 in taxes and fees included) in JANUARY. Two days before my flight, if I had waited to book, I would of paid over $400 just for airfare alone, with about a dozen seats left available. When a flight is almost full or just days or hours to go, the cost does go up. I know shocker, supply and demand. But that is how the airline industry works.

And for those who complain about the lack of route options? Remember Fort Lauderdale is a focus city for jetBlue. You can fly to other destinations in the Caribbean out of Worcester with a layover in Ft. Lauderdale.