When does one come to the epiphany that everything is now completely off the rails?    It happens in those moments one would least to be aware of them the most.    How does the City Council of Worcester routinely ignore the rights of it’s citizens and (then) in one night declare that Worcester will celebrate the 100 Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by declaring a day titled Armenian Martyrs?

PC…That is what it boils down to.

How systemic is this affliction? American citizens, local citizens who have requested that the City Council reject the tyrannical attempt of our government to round up and inter citizens of this city and who have decided this does not apply to “Rule 33” because it ‘does not pertain’ to city business: Some how find it perfectly well to recognize an event that happened over 100 years ago and extoll the virtues of ‘tolerance’ to recognize a race of people while ignoring, and purposely rejecting, the pleas of their own people.

Can we all spell ‘IRONY’?

This story has been covered by myself, Worcester Magazine and Gordon T. Davis who wrote in INCITY VOICES March 9th, 2015… I quote..   ” The Council often argues it is a local political body and national affairs are outside its purview. If so, then why the recent vote to support the Worcester Police Department after Ferguson?…”

Allow me to continue with Mr. Davis..

“When a Worc. City Council Mmb. wants to pass a resolution it is put on the agenda without review or delay. When a resident wants to have a resolution on the agenda, the only sure way to get it on the agenda is to have a City Councilor sponsor it… unsponsored resolutions are (considered to be) harassment..”   Unless you fall under the PC rule of recognized groups. Apparently, (other) citizens of Worcester do NOT fall into that category.   It was a trip into (one old blog post) Bizarro World. I, quite literally, stumbled into this evening. I was there to cover the protest outside the City Hall and film Act Now Worc. in their weekly protest.

Right there… In the hall!! The City Council and Mayor were hot to trot in recognizing the slaughter of a race of people. If this was any other time, any other event I would have no problem with this. I don’t have a problem with it now!    I just have a problem within the context of what Act Now Worc. has been doing these last four weeks!   Armenians, who never had a group like Act Now Worc speak out for them during the genocide 100 years ago are allowed to circumvent ‘Rule 33’ , pass a resolution to declare a day of remembrance and Act Now Worc. cannot speak out for the citizens of Worcester Mass because of ‘ Rule 33’?

Can we all spell ‘IRONY’?


Perhaps.. If there was an Act Now Worc. (of sorts) in Armenia 100 years ago we might be seeing a different future. Past is prologue and we all know that history.  What is ‘telling’ is that there IS  an Act Now Worcester and the local City Council has refused to hear their concerns…. mmmm…mmmm..   Well, maybe.. Some day… A future City Council will usher in and celebrate the genocide of local residents, American citizens slaughtered in some future genocide…   Perhaps that will pertain to ‘Rule 33’..

….And That Is The Diatribe…