We have read all the stories how Craft beer is growing and that Budweiser market share is dropping, here are few pretty good ones:

Here is a chart from the Slate column:

slate chart












Although it is true that Budweiser market share is dropping, it is still a pretty significant market share and alot of people still drink Budweiser along with other non-Craft beers.   From VinePair:































Last night we went out to eat at the Urban Kitchen.   The food was very good but Budweiser, the #3 largest selling beer in the country, was on the menu along with pretty much all the other beers listed above.   My waitress recommended a Brooklyn Brown Ale , BROOKLYN_BROWN_ALE_BEER___BOTTLE_400which ended up being nothing close to a Budweiser.

My point is that I know alot of people like Craft beers and I am happy for them that more restaurants do carry Craft beer options, but how do you not have any of the top selling non-Craft beers?

On the way home, we stopped into ElBasha, watched the end of the Notre Dame-Kentucky game and we had a couple drinks, where Budweiser was in stock.     Although the Urban Kitchen was very nice, next time heading out, we be stopping by El Basha instead because they serve beers that I like.