One of the mandates of ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act–ACA) is that health insurance not only include an annual physical, but that it be done at no cost not subject to either deductibles or co-payments.    Recently an employee at a company with a $2,000 annual deductible health insurance plan, commented that they have not had a physical since they could not afford the $300 to $500 it would cost them.

Although the employer had stressed, we as the insurance agents had told them and their summary benefits clearly states it is completed at no cost, we had to remind the employee again that the annual physical is done for FREE!!



Not only are subscribers completely aware of this, but sometimes doctor’s office and labs will ask for a co-payment or credit card to cover charges.    You need to make it completely clear that:

  1. you are not sick
  2. this is not a diagnostic visit
  3. this is your preventive annual check-up

Even then we have seen insured received bills when the lab tests were coded in as “diagnostic” not “preventive”.   If this happens to you, call the lab and tell them to change the code and resubmit the bill to your insurance company.     Take a minute and schedule your free physical to catch any potential problems in their early stage.    If you have any questions on your health insurance plan or want to look at other quotes, send me an e-mail. 


Vanessa Cost is owner of Advantage Benefits, based here in Worcester, and has been specializing in employee benefits the past 20 years.