About a year before President John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, he rejected a diabolical terror plot hatched and approved by his Joint Chiefs of Staff to trick Americans into supporting a war of aggression against Fidel Castro’s Cuba. The plot, dubbed Operation Northwoods, involved blowing up a passenger a plane over the U.S. and blaming the crime on Castro. Fortunately, Kennedy refused to sign off on the plot.

Blaming terror attacks on one’s political enemies, known as false flag terrorism, is the oldest trick in the political playbook. Warmongers throughout history have used the ploy to start their wars, including Hitler.

Just two years before Northwoods was rejected by Kennedy, President Dwight D Eisenhower had used his farewell speech to warn Americans against what he called the Military Industrial Complex – the disastrous potential for misplaced power in Washington.

Just four years later President Lyndon B Johnson ordered the Gulf of Tonkin deception as a pretext to attack Vietnam.

Back during that Cold War era, false flag terrorism committed by U.S. officials was carried out under the broader rubric of Operation Gladio (AKA: the Strategy of Tension). When the Gladio operation was finally exposed at the end of the Cold War, many assumed that false flag terror attacks would become a thing of the past. But before the 90s were over, the Trotskyite neocon cabal, led by Bush 41 and Dick Cheney, had secretly retooled the program toward framing and invading Muslim countries.

Enter Gladio B.

Those who can handle the truth about today’s phony “war on terror” should read this.