Rand Paul accused Dick Cheney of Exploiting 9/11

Rand Paul accused Dick Cheney of Exploiting 9/11

For those of us who say Rand Paul isn’t antiwar enough, it’s worth recalling his videotaped accusation in 2009 where he accuses Dick Cheney of exploiting 9/11 for personal gain.

Holy cow.

That video is certain to be used against Rand during the GOP primaries, and it will be fascinating to watch how Team Paul responds. Will Rand double down like his dad did against warmongers Giuliani and McCain? Or will he back down for the sake of winning neocon votes?

Only time will tell.

But regardless of Rand’s suitability as president, his explosive accusation against Cheney will likely force a loooong-overdue, serious national debate over Washington’s interventionist foreign policy. And there’s no doubt that Ron will be a top spokesman for Rand 2016 and will play a major role in shaping his son’s message. So here we go again. Ron Paul’s foreign policy of peace and bringing back domestic liberty will be featured yet again in 2016. Which will make 3 presidential elections in a row.

Hopefully after 13 years of unconstitutional wars and militarization of our local peace officers, Americans are finally ready to restore what has been lost.