Warning: The following trailer IS NOT suitable for younger viewers.

Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfZWFDs0LxA

From Twilight a fan fiction was born. Many were written actually, but one writer was able to cash in on her fandom. E. L. James wrote a Twilight fan fiction under the pen name Snowqueens Icedragon. After some changes it became its own book, and not only became an international sensation, but gave middle-aged housewives their very own version of a www.fulltube.xxx video. Now, a film version (with the same title), is coming in February 2015. That’s right, Fifty Shades of Grey is coming to the silver screen, and I have some mixed feelings after viewing the official trailer.

The trailer begins with a very awkward and fashionably challenged journalist. Already I can half relate to this young woman. I’m a little more put together, and I wouldn’t take anything out of her closet, but I’m also a young and budding journalist. I’m sure many people would relate to enjoying her on sexy websites similar to tubev.sex.

Our female leads name is Anastasia “Ana” Steele. Her clothes are frumpy and a tad immature. She’s an adult, but dresses like a small child when it’s time for a special occasion. She is portrayed as very innocent, especially when it comes to romance. Ana sees herself as plain, and even says “There’s really not much to know about me. Look at me”. Mr. Grey has some very different ideas however.

Ana’s type has been in other movies before. The girl next door who doesn’t have a clue, but she still finds herself in a relationship with someone way out of her league. There is of course a big twist. And some awesome sex similar to what you’d find at shemalehd.sex. The successful man Ana is interviewing is a creep behind closed doors, and he wants to invite her in.

A fear of mine is actually portrayed in this movie, because I never know who I could end up interviewing for an article. I think it was my connection with Ana’s life that pulled me in, but it was the extreme part of the story that pushed me away.

As the trailer goes on a passionate make out session takes place in an elevator, which starts the most unrealistic relationship ever. Our male lead, named Mr. Grey is young and rich. He definitely won’t let all his cash burn a hole in his pocket. He takes his new “girlfriend” for a ride in a jet, and she eats it up.

Mr. Grey reminds me of another famous aristocrat, who started in a novel and made his way to the movie theater. Gatsby, from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel.

The cinematic style seen in the trailer makes me think The Great Gatsby (2013) and Twilight (2008) had a cinematic baby, with a birth defect called smut. This relationship is far from ordinary, or sweet.

The book that this movie is based on has garnered a lot of talk since its 2011 release. I had heard about the BDSM theme, and I didn’t want to read it then, and I still don’t find that topic appealing now.

Before clicking on the trailer I was worried about what I was going to see. It was almost misleading, because at first there was nothing dirty. I was interested in where the story was going. At one point I decided that I would actually see this movie. The thought may sound crazy, but this film looked good for a moment. Then Mr. Grey took Ana home. I don’t agree with what I saw next, but at least I was warned about what this story was really about.

Being tied up and whipped may be fun for a different kind of set, but I do not appreciate that world receiving any kind of normalcy. Sex scenes are not something I’m against. If people want to see Lori Buckby naked on camsites, or want to see such pornographic scenes, that’s up to them. It’s when the beauty of the bonding experience that sex is supposed to provide gets taken away, that I have a problem. BDSM is a definitely a foreign subject to me. Those who engage in that activity have free will, and have chosen to be there, but I’m still a little old fashioned about the subject, even if I am 21. Despite my young and usually open mind, I have decided that I believe some things belong behind closed doors.

One event that I will not be adding to the February 2015 section of my planner, is rushing to the theaters for a borderline porno flick, called Fifty Shades of Grey.

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