On June 21st host of The Meat And Potatoes Show Christopher Maider was joined at The Liberty Clubhouse on 18 Grafton St by the Northeast Chairperson of The John Birch Society Hal Shurtleff.

Hal Shertluff

Hal Shurtleff

Hal has been a member since the 1980’s and his work today is focused primarily on two issues facing this Republic. Common Core and the emerging threat of an Article V Constitutional Convention.
For over an hour Hal spoke to me and spelled out the dangers surrounding such a convention.  Why is it so dangerous you ask?

The answer is basic. Delegates from all 50 states would gather to amend or even re-write our Constitution. It has happened before.
The Convention of 1787 was originally designed to fix the problems associated with our (then) Articles of Confederation.   Instead, the assembled delegates tossed the whole thing out and wrote our existing Constitution.

The possibility of this happening again is very real.   Luckily for us in 1787 we had very pious and Liberty minded men who perceived that this nation was born out of the guiding hand of Providence and was to become a special place here on Earth.

Today, we have political action committees (PAC’s), lobbying groups, Socialists, Progressives, and every coalition under the sun from bra-less tree huggers to militant Islamics.    Can you imagine what THAT Convention would look like if it were held today?

Supposedly there is a ‘problem’ with our Constitution according to law professors, congressional delegates and certain media moguls.    It tends to favor equality and freedom at the expense of well oiled political machines and well funded campaigns.

The idea is to pass amendments that run the gamut of term limits, campaign funding, balanced budgets and corporate spending on elections.   This is all well in good except for one little fly in the ointment.    Congress and most of these groups don’t obey the Constitution to begin with so what is to prevent them from disobeying this NEW Constitution?   Nothing, really.

Where this becomes dangerous is that most of what could be passed will not pertain to them, kind of like what Congress does now.  It could also strip away our Bill of Rights.   The Left can barely contain themselves.   Imagine a new Constitution with no freedom of speech (except for some people), no second Amendment (except for some people), no more religious rights (except for some people) and a state controlled press so we might finally be able to hear the truth!We can dream can’t we?

In point of fact the groups pushing for an Article V Convention know this precisely which is why they want to do it  . They wish to fold the United States under that big tarp known as The UN and make us just like everybody else.   The actual purpose IS to toss out our Constitution and write a new document for America.
The delegates most likely to show up at such a party would be the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Franken, Gerry Brown, Deval Patrick, Hiawatha Warren and “Nope-Ain’t Seen-Him Lately” Ed Markey.   Do you honestly believe these people look at America as an exceptional nation guided by the hand of Providence?

Besides if these people get hold of the re-writing of our Constitution we could end up with a document requiring a forklift to deliver for ratification.   The Constitution was only about five pages.    It reminds me of that scene in Robocop. Robocop had only two mandates; uphold the law, protect the innocent.  However, once the legislators got hold of him they loaded up his CPU with so much gobbledy-gook he didn’t know which end was up.
Power players on Capitol Hill as well as Gates, Soros and the Rothchilds would be the only beneficiaries of such a convention. The rest of us would be it’s victims.  What our Founders fought and died for would all be for nothing.

John Adams did say that our Constitution is wholly inadequate for any other nation not founded on our moral and religious principles.   Since we have removed the religious principles and blurred the lines of our moral ones it can only be speculated upon just what this NEW nation an Article V Convention would usher in.

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