As much as this may hurt me to do this, I figured lets go down memory lane since USA and Portugal got paired up in the same group with Ghana and Germany.    I will say who I am going to cheer for in the USA v Portugal game.

If you know a Portuguese person who follows soccer, you know we are very passionate about our team.  At the same time,  I also want to see USA do good too because I was born and raised here.

Over the last 12 years these countries have meet often.  Portugal over Germany in Euro 2000 3-0, while Germany beat Portugal in Euro 2008 3-2.   As you can see, the footballing nations in this group are very familiar with each other and there are grudges to settle as well.

[youtube] USA vs Portugal 2002 world cup 3-2


[youtube] USA vs Germany 2002 world cup 0-1


[youtube] USA vs Ghana world cup 2006 1-2


[youtube] USA vs Ghana world cup 2010 1-2 ot


[youtube] Portugal vs Germany 2006 world cup 3rd place game 1-3


[youtube] Portugal vs Germany Euro 2012 0-1


[youtube] Germany vs Ghana world cup 2010

The senior Portuguese and Ghana National Teams have not faced each other but the U-20 squads did in last years U-20 world cup, so might as well.

[youtube] 3-2 Ghana over Portugal