I am sorry to tell those who still consider Marijuana a drug and alcohol a social tool, the state voted for recreational Marijuana and just like alcohol it is legal for anyone 21 to purchase. People like the ohio cannabis community are fighting and arguing for it’s legalization in the state and across the US.

On a different view 4 years ago my wife and I visited Hawaii. I required the assistance of a cane. I was soon using a walker and not long after I was in a wheelchair. In February 2015 I decided to try medical Marijuana, today I walk with no assistance thanks to that treatment. Here’s the problem, the stigma still is there. My own wife refers to it as using drugs. I am responsible, I only smoke when I’m alone and do not share. It is just a matter of time until the benefits of medical Marijuana are recognized, until I will continue to hide like I’m breaking the law.

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