Remember when we talked about how we were confused abut why the City Council was even considering the Mount Carmel Historic agenda petition at their meeting last week, when it was already on the agenda for the Historic Commission.     In fact they would have a chance to vote on it for final approval, if it fact the Historic Commission voted to approve the historic district for Mount Carmel.  Yesterday the Historic Commission voted against it .     Good summary by Womag.

In other words it will not be coming back for a vote for the City Council.   All the discussions at City Council last week and the week before rally never should have happened.   Council should have waited for the Historic Commission decision and saved alot of time and spent their time on items like the budget.     Kudos to Economou/Gaffney who saw that it really did not make sense for the Council to spend time on this issue and in fact voted against the petition last week. buy viagra online buy viagra no prescription cheap viagra generic