Has anyone else noticed the number of businesses that have close on Park Ave between May Street and Webster Square?

  1. Park Ave Pharmacy
  2. Dominos moved north up Park Ave
  3. Convenience store across from Honey Farms
  4. Convenience store after laundromat
  5. Duddie Chevrolet
  6. Friendly’s
  7. Midas
  8. Morris Radiator
  9. Auto Part place next to Popeye’s
  10. Sakura is still open but for Sale
  11. Bank in the historical building that is being moved
  12. Mutual Builders
  13. Medical Supply business next to Burger King

We think we even missed a few.    Many of these buildings are also for sale and have been on the market for some time.  May we suggest that this is what happens when the commercial tax rate becomes too high.