Currently flight times are:

  1. Fort Lauderdale 3:00PM to Worcester 6:00PM
  2. Worcester 6:00Pm to Fort Lauderdale 9:45PM
  3. Orlando 12:45 PM to Worcester 3:30PM
  4. Worcester 4:00 PM to Orlando 7:00PM

Arriving that late in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale limits your possibilities to connect.   September 7th the new times are:

  1. Fort Lauderdale 9:30AM to Worcester 12:30PM
  2. Worcester 1:00 PM to Fort Lauderdale 4:30PM
  3. Orlando 7:30AM to Worcester 10:30PM
  4. Worcester 11AM to Orlando 2:00PM

Arriving in early in Florida opens up a lot more possibilities to connect!   Please note the Orlando times flip back to the old times sometime in November while Fort Lauderdale will remain the same.