Last night, Sevilla defeated Liverpool in the Europa League finals, winning this competition for three years in a row now. Ten years ago, Sevilla won this same competition in back to back years, becoming the most successful team in Europa League history, with 5 titles.


It is amazing, regardless if you like the Europa league, or think it is some mickey mouse, losers league that is to be mocked by fans of the elite clubs of Europe, to win any tournament, league three years in a row.


What makes this achievement more wonderful to me is that Sevilla is not a big money, bright lights destination for the worlds top players. It has become a great stepping stone destination for good quality players to make that next step up to elite status, but even then, they must compete with other teams to sign good quality players, as well as compete on the pitch.


Although the La Liga season is over, with Sevilla finishing 7th in the table, their season isn’t done. This Sunday, Sevilla will have to find a away to stop the high powered offensive machine of Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez and the rest of the Barcelona squad in the Copa del Rey Final, which would be a nice addition to their silverware cabinet.